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Cory LeMoine Bio


Cory LeMoine


Cory LeMoine has been an Operations Sergeant for KCPD over the last several years, as a conduit in assisting with community, business, school and faith based groups. Although he holds primarily an administrative role, his efforts in supporting daily crime, as well as a Hostage Negotiator contributes to his 19+ year career in KCMO.  As a retired officer in the U.S. Army after 22+ years, he brings a diverse background as a Mechanic, Military Intelligence Analyst, Psychological Operations Specialist, and a Special Agent in Criminal Investigations.

He received his Criminal Justice Degree from St. Cloud University, is a parent to two children ages 10 and 13, and remains active with their hobbies, school and sports. In his leisure time, he enjoys volleyball, hunting, motorcycles, and drawing.