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April 2017 – Safety Article

  • ‘Oh my God, it’s terrible’: Frantic 911 calls tell of devastating Overland Park fire
  • Garden City toddler hospitalized after being left in car
  • 3-year-old twins drown in Platte County pond


These are all disturbing, local news headlines recently shared in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  In each situation, there are reminders that accidents and tragedies can happen quickly to anyone in any area.  The mission of Charlie’s House is to prevent injuries to children in and around the home, and it remains vitally important to educate our communities about safety awareness.  Please see the website for additional monthly safety articles and review the brief safety tips below.

Fire safety

  • Make a family fire escape plan
  • Remember to test smoke detectors on each month
  • Practice fire safety with children


Look before you lock

  • Never leave children unattended in cars
  • Place a cellphone, purse, briefcase, etc. in the backseat as a trigger to see the child when the back door is opened to retrieve the items
  • Set a reminder on your phone to drop children off at daycare and request that child care providers call you if a child is not dropped off at a certain time

Water safety

  • Children need constant supervision around water
  • Everyone should learn CPR
  • Follow all posted pool rules and follow safety rules for pools in homes including barrier fencing and locks and/or alarms