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August 2016 – Pokémon GO OR No? Back to School Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pokémon GO OR No?
Back to School Pedestrian Safety Tips

While the long summer days and nights have probably been a delight for children to get out and enjoy the outdoors, the new school year is just around the corner.
Charlie’s House wants to share a few safety tips for you and your children for staying safe on the street while walking to school.
Be extra cautious while walking to and from school! Teach children to cross at stop lights or corners if possible and not in the middle of the block. Remind them to look in both directions before crossing the street. Sidewalks and walking paths should be used if available, and children should continue looking both ways while crossing. If paths are not available, walk on the shoulder while facing traffic. Watch out also for cars that are backing up or parking.

Avoid distracted walking. Children should be reminded to not use cell phones for talking or texting while walking to school and to stop at a safe area in order to use a phone if needed. Headphone usage for listening to music or use of other devices for games like Pokémon Go should also be discouraged while walking.

Parents should also be aware of distracted driving while transporting children to school and to pay extra attention to school zones at arrival and dismissal times. Look out for children who may not be watching out for your car and for school buses during stops while loading and unloading.

Bus safety is also important! In fact, according to the National Safety Council, riding the bus is 13 times safer than riding in the family vehicle and 10 times safer than walking. This is due to the safety features of the bus such as flashing lights, large mirrors, and the bright, yellow color.


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