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July 2017 Playground Safety

Playground Safety

Over 200,000 children are seen in the ER due to playground-related injuries annually.

And according to Safe Kids, falls account for more than 75% of all playground-related injuries. Here are a few quick tips to help keep your children safe on the playground.


Adult Supervision

Supervise your child/children. According to Safe Kids, lack of or improper supervision are associated with 45% of playground-related injuries. Ensure that children are using equipment properly and that they are using age/developmentally appropriate play areas.


Dress your children appropriately for the playground, removing any necklaces, scarves, helmets, bags, clothing with drawstrings, etc.


Inspect the playground for any safety issues or concerns. Look at the playground maintenance, surfaces (I.E. wood chips, rubber, etc.), age-appropriateness, wet surfaces, and guardrails.  Check to make sure where your child is playing will be visible from where you are.