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You’re Invited: July 18 – 24 is Pool Safely Pledge Week 2016!

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Midsummer is a great time to remind parents and caregivers that cooling off in a swimming pool or spa also means taking vital steps to ensure children are staying safer in and around the water. This year, the Pool Safely campaign is hosting its third annual Pool Safely Pledge Week – an entire week dedicated to reminding all adults and children to take the Pool Safely Pledge and adopt simple safety steps to save lives in and around pools and spas every day.
CPSC invites you to participate in Pool Safely Pledge Week 2016 by joining us during the week of July 18 – 24, 2016 in promoting the Pool Safely Pledge to your networks.
To be involved in Pledge Week, simply conduct one or more of the following activities through your social media channels during the week of July 18 – 24:
1. Take and share the Pool Safely Pledge! You can find a link to the English Pledge here and a link to the Spanish Pledge here.

2. Follow @poolsafely on Twitter, retweet the campaign’s water safety messages, and use the #PSPledgeWeek and #TakethePledge hashtags when tweeting about your pool and spa safety efforts during that week. You can use any of the below sample tweets throughout the week, or write your own:
o As a proud #PoolSafely partner, we’re asking everyone to #TakethePledge to stay safer in/around water: http://bit.ly/PledgePS #PSPledgeWeek
o On 7/19 at 2pm ET join @PoolSafely & other #safety orgs for a Twitter chat about water safety! Use #PSPledgeWeek to follow.
o Mark your calendars! @PoolSafely is hosting a #TwitterChat on 7/19 @ 2pm ET to discuss water #safety. Use #PSPledgeWeek to join. RT/share
o Join more than 36K others and #TakethePledge to #PoolSafely! http://bit.ly/PledgePS #PSPledgeWeek RT/share
o Commit to keeping your family safer in the pool/spa. Take + share the #PoolSafely Pledge: http://bit.ly/PledgePS #PSPledgeWeek

3. Post about Pool Safely Pledge week on your Facebook page. You can use either of the below sample posts throughout the week, or write your own.
o As a proud Pool Safely partner, this week we are asking everyone to take the Pledge to stay safer in and around the water for #PSPledgeWeek: http://bit.ly/PledgePS
o Join Katie Ledecky and more than 36,000 others and commit to keeping your family safer in and around the water by taking the Pool Safely Pledge! http://bit.ly/PledgePS #PSPledgeWeek

4. Join the Pledge Week 2016 Twitter chat on Tuesday, July 19 at 2 p.m. ET. Follow the hashtag #PSPledgeWeek to participate.

5. Share your Pledge Week Safety Selfie! Similar to the photos of Olympians, government leaders and celebrities that you see at the top of page one, we are also asking partners to share their Safety Selfies, or pictures of themselves taking the Pool Safely Pledge. Partners can share these photos with Pool Safely via Twitter or email (Jessica.reape@finnpartners.com), and will have an opportunity to share them during the #PSPledgeWeek Twitter chat on Tuesday, July 19. All photos received via email will be featured on our Flickr page, too!

In addition to promoting the Pledge online, you are also welcome to host an event or activity (this could be something you already have planned) to share water safety information, including asking adults and children to sign the Pool Safely Pledge. Anyone can easily take the Pledge online (keep an iPad, tablet or smartphone poolside for this purpose). You can also order hardcopy Pledge cards and “I Took the Pledge” stickers to give people after they have signed the Pledge.

Please email jessica.reape@finnpartners.com to let us know how you will be participating in Pool Safely Pledge Week 2016. All partners that participate by committing to take and share the Pledge will be recognized via @PoolSafely and in the campaign’s monthly newsletter.
If you have questions, please contact Jessica Reape at (202) 884-7325 or Jessica.reape@finnpartners.com.