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Due to an overwhelming amount of online orders for our complimentary child safety information and products, Charlie’s House has paused this feature on our website. This program has been a tremendous success in the fulfillment of our mission, and has impacted thousands and thousands of families from throughout the United States; as such, we are very pleased that so many parents, grandparents and caregivers of young children are becoming proactive about child safety.

We are seeking a corporate partner to assist Charlie’s House to continue to offer complimentary information and child safety products. Any help that you could lend in identifying the right person at a company that may be interested in helping us help families with young children would be much appreciated.

We urge you to continue to be proactive about child safety, and continue to seek educational materials and child safety products to keep your children safe. You can find a tremendous amount of information on our website (www.charlieshouse.org), including a Virtual House, articles, videos (through our YouTube Channel), links, etc.