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Here’s a list of suggested reading and research that can help you keep your children safer in and around the home.

Safety Tip of the Month

December Safety Article: Battery safety

As you begin or finish up your holiday shopping, here is an article from Prevent Child Injury about the safety precautions with the batteries found in some toys and many other items. Powering Childhood Injury: Button Battery Burns “I didn’t know he had swallowed something.” “I don’t know where she even got it!” If you’re […]


November: Carbon Monoxide Safety: The silent killer

Carbon Monoxide Safety November 2017 Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer in Your Home By Stefanie Baines, MA, CHES Education Coordinator, Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Health System As the temperatures start to cool, many of us will turn on our heating systems and fuel-burning appliances. Doing so, may put you and your […]


October Halloween Safety

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year for children. Check out our tips to help keep your little ones safe. Dressing Up • Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. • Make sure costumes fit properly, and ensure swords/wands/canes are short and flexible. • Only buy costumes labeled as flame-retardant. • Add reflective […]


September Safety Article : Head injuries

It’s nearing the end of summer but — like every year — we’re seeing the annual rise in children’s injuries and deaths. The most common causes remain drowning (#1), followed by bike accidents, falls and motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Now added to this mix is a frightening increase in the number of children who […]


Back to School Bike Safety

As summer ends, students will head back to school soon.  Many children have enjoyed the lazy days of summer and now look to prepare for the routine school schedule.  Part of the schedule may be riding a bike to and from school.  Here are some important reminders for keeping children safe while riding bikes: Ø  […]


July 2017 Playground Safety

Playground Safety Over 200,000 children are seen in the ER due to playground-related injuries annually. And according to Safe Kids, falls account for more than 75% of all playground-related injuries. Here are a few quick tips to help keep your children safe on the playground.   Adult Supervision Supervise your child/children. According to Safe Kids, […]


Fourth of July special 2017

Safety doesn’t take a holiday! Tips for a safe Fourth of July Holiday Firework safety Fireworks case an average of almost 20,000 reported fires per year. Sparklers cause 16 percent of the fireworks injuries Sparklers are hot and can cause third-degree burns. Fireworks cause many injuries each holiday and thousands of burns each year. Be […]


May 2017 – Safety Article – Summer Water Safety

National Water Safety Month May 2017 As we head into the month of May, most people’s thoughts turn to warm weather, summer and water. Water safety can sometimes be an afterthought, but every day, about ten people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children ages 14 and younger.   The Red Cross advises that […]


April 2017 – Safety Article

‘Oh my God, it’s terrible’: Frantic 911 calls tell of devastating Overland Park fire Garden City toddler hospitalized after being left in car 3-year-old twins drown in Platte County pond   These are all disturbing, local news headlines recently shared in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  In each situation, there are reminders that accidents and […]


March 2017 – Safety Article – Poisonings

Poisonings & Medicine Mishaps Can Happen To Anyone, Anywhere & at Any Time By Stefanie Baines, MA, CHES Education Coordinator, Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Health System Poisonings & medicine mishaps can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Did you know that last year nearly 60 percent of the human […]