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Here’s a list of suggested reading and research that can help you keep your children safer in and around the home.

Safety Tip of the Month

August 2015 – Distracted Walking

Distracted Walking – Pedestrians on Phones As the new school year approaches, Charlie’s House wanted to remind students and drivers out there of a few precautions for staying safe.  We recognize that many accidents occur within five miles of someone’s home and want to be remain vigilant for keeping children safe during the school day.  […]


March 2016 – Is Your Home Poison Safe?

Is Your Home Poison Safe? By Stefanie Baines, MA, CHES Education Coordinator, The University of Kansas Hospital Poison Control Center   While poisonings can happen at work, school, outdoors, and anywhere else, 91% of human exposures occur at home. From the garage to the bathroom to the attic, hundreds of toxic chemicals and substances are […]


December 2015 Safety – Poison Prevention

Poison Control Safety According to Safe Kids Worldwide, half of the 2 million calls to poison control centers in 2012 were for exposures and ingestions among children ages 5 and under. As we begin the busy holiday season welcoming family and friends into our homes to celebrate, remember these tips for preventing accidental poison exposure […]


October 2015 Safety – Fire Safety

Fire Safety Leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler, and soon we will be getting an extra hour of daylight as we set our clocks back on November 5th. Use this time to replace batteries and check all smoke detectors in your home. Smoke detectors save lives! More than half of child fire […]


September 2015 Safety – School Safety

Focus: Childhood Injury Prevention, Back to School The first week in September is Childhood Injury Prevention Week. With school starting, schedules changing, and new routines being set in place, this is a great time to review some basic injury prevention strategies to discuss with all members of the family, especially the young ones. Biking to […]


July 2015 Safety – Sparkler and Grill Safety

How Hot is a Sparkler Many Americans enjoy 4th of July by setting off fireworks, bottle rockets and sparklers. However, celebration can quickly turn to tragedy. Every year, thousands of fire work related injuries are treated in hospitals emergency departments in the United States. Help your family stay safe from injury by following these safety […]


May 2015 Safety – Spring/Summer Poison Safety

May 2015 Safety – Spring/Summer Poison Safety Written By: Stefanie Baines, Education Coordinator, The University of Kansas Hospital Poison Control Center Now that school is coming to a close and warmer weather is upon us, we are spending more time outside – camping, picnicking, or just playing in the backyard. In 2013, Poison Centers nationwide […]


April 2015 Safety – Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Pollutants: Mold Pollen Viruses Bacteria Animal dander Dust mite and cockroach particulate Radon Asbestos Secondhand Smoke Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Dioxide Formaldehyde Why worry about these pollutants? Many of these pollutants can have minor to serious effects on your body. And children are even more susceptible to effects from these pollutants that can negatively […]


March 2015 Safety – Poison Prevention and Liquid Nicotine Hazards

Tips to Keep Young Children Safe from Poisoning and Liquid Nicotine In 2013, poison professionals at the nation’s 55 poison centers managed about 2.2 million human poison exposures, with children younger than 6 accounting for about half of all poison exposure cases, according to the American Association of Poison Control Center’s annual poison exposure report. […]


February 2015 Safety – Fireplace Glass Safety

Did you know that your fireplace glass can reach temperatures of 400-700 degrees F.? According to the federal estimate, in January 2011, Fair Warning reported that more than 2,000 children ages five and under suffered burn injuries from fireplaces glass from 1999 to 2009. At Children’s Mercy Hospital in 2013 eighteen children below the age […]